China announces Missiles, military operations as Pelosi lands in Taiwan

Nancy pelosi taiwan: China protested US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei. The People’s Liberation Army said it will hold a series of military drills including. “long-range live firing” in the Taiwan Strait starting Tuesday evening. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is on high alert.

Taiwan’s independence and national sovereignty to prevent separatist attempts. and resist external interference Defense Ministry spokesman . Wu Qian said military operations were aimed resolutely. protecting regional integrity would begin. said in a statement condemning the visit.

Nancy pelosi taiwan
image credit: twitter/Nancy pelosi

The People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theater Command announced on Tuesday. that it would test conventional missiles in the East Sea of ​​Taiwan and conduct. joint military operations near Taiwan. The US action on the Taiwan issue is shocking, and the US action is a serious warning. To the Taiwan Liberation Army or independence seekers. Shi Yi, a spokesman, for the Eastern Theater Command, said in a statement

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